Emergency Declarations

If you would like more or a particular jurisdiction, let us know. denise@coloradoccma.org or check CML Covid 19 resources

Document everything. If your town seeks public assistance (reimbursement) months from now, the State and FEMA will ask for all records.

Electrical and Plumbing Inspections Covid 19 Update from DORA

State Updated Public Health Order – Authorized Business (3/26/2020)

Town of Breckenridge (pop 4,500 Ctrl Mtns)
mentions Tabor Funds, Police Authorities, Council Meetings
City of Northglenn (pop 35,800 Metro)
straightforward, 1 page
Town of Wellington (pop 6,300 North Ctrl) straightforward, 1 page
info to the public, click here
San Juan Basin Pub Health Press Release (Southwest)
communication to the public for Archuleta and La Plata County and City of Durango

Public Health Order Events_Eagle Cty