Assistant to the Town Planner

Website Town of Silverton

Job Title: Assistant Town Planning Director

Job Classification: Grade 4

FSLA Classification: Regular Full-Time Non-Exempt

Supervisor: Town/County Planning Director

Supervisory Responsibilities: None


· Town Planning- Receives assignments from the Town/County Planning Director and works with town staff and the community on future development.

· Planning Commission Support: Responsible for organizing, preparing agendas and minutes, compiling meeting packets, communicating with applicants, and coordination with board members.

· Land Use Regulation: Assistant the Town/County Planning Director in the administration of land use, zoning, and hazard reduction regulations in accordance with adopted regulations. Assists with the oversight of the insurance of building permits, sign permits, and encroachment permits to ensure compliance with adopted land use regulations and procedures. Serves and secretary to the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

· Citizen Assistance: Coordination with realtors, adjacent landowners, land sellers and buyers, land use application processing.

· Clerical Duties: Responsible for filing, printing, copying, mailing, scanning, collating, phone messages/calls, receiving/replying to emails, project research, software knowledge, and making deliveries.

· Other duties and responsibilities: carries out other duties and responsibilities as assigned or necessary for the proper conduct of Town business and the proper operation of the Planning Department.

Minimum Qualifications:

· High school diploma, GED Certificate, Bachelor’s Degree in land use planning or a related field, and/or Work Experience in land use planning or a related field.

· Computer skills and abilities, including data input and output, word processing, and spreadsheet work.

· Willingness to learn about land use regulations and day-to-day land use planning tasks.

· Attention to detail, such as correct dates and times, spelling, proofreading, correcting typos etc.

· Organizational skills and ability to accomplish various planning tasks in a timely manner.

· Ability to work efficiently, effectively, and responsibly with elected/ appointed officials, employees, and the general public.

· Ability to access, transport, file, and retrieve Town records and documents as filed in the Town’s vault, filing cabinets, storage facilities, and computers

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