Town Manager-Julesburg, CO

The Town of Julesburg is seeking a Town Manager. The Town operates as a statutory town under the direction of the elected officials of the Board of Trustees.  The Town Board appoints a Town Manager, who is responsible for preparing an annual budget and overseeing the basic operation and assets of the Town.  The town employs 10 full time employees.  A Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration is preferred, but not required, along with managerial experience.  The Town of Julesburg desires the following professional and personal skills for the Town Manager:  self-motivated, ambitious individual, good communication skills, knowledge of grant writing and administration of grants, basic computer skills, and an understanding of the dynamics of smaller rural communities.  Salary negotiable, DOE, DOQ along with excellent health benefits and 401/457 retirement plan.  Email your resume and cover letter to, or mail to 100 West 2nd Street, Julesburg CO  80737 by Friday, December 4, 2020.  For more information, contact Carrie Hartwell, Town Clerk, at (970) 474-3344 or visit the town’s website ( to see the detailed job duties listing.  EQUAL OPPORTUNITY  EMPLOYER.


Julesburg is a statutory town within the State of Colorado and adheres to Colorado Revised Statutes, Colorado Motor Traffic Code and Julesburg Ordinance Code.  The Julesburg Board of Trustees shall appoint a Town Manager, who shall be the administrative head of the local municipal government.  The salary of the Town Manager is determined and set by the Mayor and Board of Trustees.

The Town Manager shall be responsible for:

  1. Overseeing the laws and ordinances of the town are being enforced and adhered to by the residents and visitors.
  1. Recommending to the Board of Trustees the appointment, suspension and removal of all department heads and employees.
  1. Maintaining personnel files for all Public Works employees inclusive of annual employee evaluations with exception of his/her own, which will be maintained by the Board of Trustees.
  1. Preparing the annual budget with the assistance of the Town Clerk.  Additional work sessions will be held with the Board of Trustees to outline and plan projects in each budget.  After the adoption of the annual budget, the Town Manager will be responsible for administration of the budget.
  1. Directing the work of assigned personnel through the various department head in construction, maintenance and repairs as needed within the following departments; to insure the residents of Julesburg the best and most efficient service available at the lowest possible cost.  This work to be conducted in a safe and orderly manner.

  1. Maintenance and operation of generating plant
  2. Maintenance of substation
  3. Construction and maintenance of distribution lines
  4. Installation and maintenance of meters
  5. Care and maintenance of electrical systems on Town owned property
  6. Street lighting
  7. Certification or schooling as deemed necessary by the Board of Trustees

  1. Maintenance of all wastewater mains
  2. Construction of all new wastewater mains
  3. Maintenance and repair of the pumping and metering station
  4. Maintenance and daily checking of the wastewater lagoons
  5. Keeping daily flow records and conducting any tests that might be required by the State of Colorado
  6. Certification or schooling as deemed necessary by the Board of Trustees

  1. Construction and maintenance of all water mains
  2. Checking and maintenance of water valves
  3. Tapping of water mains for services
  4. Construction of manholes and placing of meters
  5. Maintenance and reading of meters
  6. Maintenance of well houses
  7. Maintenance and inspection of water tower
  8. Maintenance of irrigation systems
  9. Installation and maintenance of fire hydrants
  10. Keeping daily records and conducting any tests that might be required by the State of Colorado
  11. Certification or schooling as deemed necessary by the Board of Trustees

  1. Care and maintenance of Town parks
  2. Care and maintenance of ball park
  3. Care and maintenance of library
  4. Care and maintenance of all town owned property and right of ways
  5. Care and maintenance of tennis / outdoor basketball courts
  6. Maintenance and operation of swimming pool
  7. Insect control
  8. Pesticide applicators license for spraying of weeds and insects

  1. Opening of new street right of ways
  2. Constructing or supervising the construction of curbs and gutters
  3. Paving of new streets
  4. Maintenance and seal coating of streets
  5. Care and maintenance of alley ways
  6. Cleaning of streets
  7. Marking and painting of streets
  8. Snow removal and sanding of streets
  9. Placing and maintenance of street signs
  10. Maintenance and repair of all town owned vehicles and equipment
  11. Sanitation collection
  12. Maintenance of storm drains and drainage
  13. Care and maintenance of airport / drag racing runway
  14. Proper licensing for operation of equipment

  1. Oversee the care and maintenance of lake and surrounding amenities

  1. Oversee the Intergovermental Agreement (IGA) with the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office and Sedgwick County Commissioners

  1. Oversee the care and maintenance of airport / drag racers
  1. Maintaining all properties of the town inclusive of buildings, grounds, appliances, engines, machine equipment, vehicles and tools forming a part of or in any way connected with the management, supervision, maintenance or operation of the above cited departments.
  1. Overseeing all purchases made within the departments to insure proper expenditures and administering of budget.  Purchase orders should be utilized when appropriate.
  1. Acting as the Public Relations contact person to insure good communications with the residents of Julesburg, the Town employees, the Mayor and Board of Trustees Board Members.
  1. Pursuing and promoting economic development strategies in conjunction with Sedgwick County’s Director of Economic Development.
  1. Attending all meetings of the Board of Directors and be prepared to make reports on various activities and work projects.
  1. Working with the various committees of the Town as appointed by the Mayor and Board of Trustees.
  1. Ensuring all necessary schooling is attended by himself/herself and/or Town personnel as may be beneficial to the Town.
  1. Fulfilling any and all other duties that may be requested of him/her by the Mayor and Board of Trustees Board Members.
  1. Policing the actions of the department employees and administrative actions such as reprimands, firing and hiring of such employees.
  1. Hiring and training the necessary personnel for the youth recreation program.
  1. Recommending the purchasing of all equipment for each department and have the responsibility of approving or denying payment of such bills.
  1. Working with the Town Clerk in order to accomplish the goals set forth by the Mayor and Board of Trustees.
  1. Keeping and maintaining records and maps for all Town utilities.

To apply for this job email your details to