Communications Specialist III

Website City of Greeley

Job Summary:

This position supports communication, outreach, engagement and dissemination needs of the city. As the primary liaison to the city’s Public Works department, this position coordinates department communication, public information, and outreach efforts through interaction with citizens and the news media, social media, publication production, special events and public information programs and initiatives.

This position works with Communication & Engagement leadership to strategize, direct, guide, and coordinate communication with the media on department programs, services, special projects, and general information. This position also serves on the city’s Incident Response Team and as essential personnel during times of crisis.

Experience, Knowledge, Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree gained through a four-year college/university academic program or specialized technical training of equivalent length in the field of Communication and Engagement or a related field.
  • Five to seven years of progressively responsible professional experience involving 21st-century communication practices (i.e., marketing, communications, media relations, public engagement, brand management, or related fields).
  • Proficient at writing, organizing content and data, and reporting outcomes.
  • Experience assessing, monitoring and measuring strategic communication initiatives.
  • Experience in media relations including writing press releases, pitching stories, and coordinating interviews.
  • Ability to utilize components of project management to successfully schedule, lead and facilitate communication.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong customer service skills and diplomacy.
  • Experience with Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, and Mail Chimp.
  • Experience with current social media applications and online platforms for communication and engagement.
  • Bilingual in Spanish preferred, but not required

Essential Functions:

Communication Project Management

  • Develop citywide strategic communication plans that support the IAP2 (International Association of Public Participation) model of public participation.
  • Work with department leaders, city engineers, and project management teams to devise communication and engagement strategies that inform and educate Greeley residents and community members about the state of critical infrastructure and the projects that improve, change, and remove access to it.
  • Collaborate with, advise, and provide recommendations and operational support to facilitate the planning, execution, and resources (including team members and applicable budgets), conduct reporting and analysis on project outcomes, and coordinate stakeholder involvement.
  • Write various press releases, pitch stories, and prepare media communications.
  • Work collaboratively with other team members to build and maintain a professional network of reporters and media professionals.
  • Assist in establishing measurable criteria for monitoring customer engagement and satisfaction and/or concerns.
  • Coordinate special projects as requested; prepares reports, speeches, and talking points about various subjects and projects.
  • Assist in coordinating emergency/crisis communication protocols, develop and publish crisis public information requests in collaboration with the C&E Director and JIC team, and staff Emergency Operations Center.

Strategic Operational Support

  • Work with the digital team to create messaging to build proactive communications, community outreach, and engagement across social media channels.
  • Work collaboratively with various department staff to support and/or perform face-to-face outreach at special event booths and community forums.
  • Coordinate and gather materials for meetings and public events that may include displays and signage.
  • Manage project processes including printing needs, ordering promotional items, and collaborating with graphic design and video teams to produce materials.
  • Maintain department webpages as necessary, including writing copy and updating the site using CMS tools, basic HTML knowledge, and SEO and analytics knowledge.
  • Assist with photography or videography projects related to communication projects as needed.

Copywriting and Editing

  • Write and edit news releases, advertising/promotional copy, annual, technical, and program reports, e-newsletters, blog posts, social media content, video scripts, website updates, presentations, and handout materials.
  • Edit/revise written materials created by city officials and staff.



The ideal candidate will:

  • Be familiar with the principles and practices of municipal Public Works projects.
  • Understand communication and public relations industry best practices.
  • Be comfortable operating autonomously and exhibit the ability to draw connections between current situations and long-term impact to determine necessary or proactive action.
  • Be strategic in connecting big-picture, intersecting messages and capable of communicating sensitive and nuanced concepts.
  • Be proficient at creating and editing professional content utilizing AP style and grammar.
  • Effectively conduct industry research and knowledge-gathering and expand professional expertise to understand current and future goals and objectives of the Public Works Department.
  • “Listen for understanding” and check for clarity to guide relevant communication.
  • Be capable of setting strategy while navigating relationships with different organizational stakeholders and collaborating with colleagues.
  • Be comfortable with face-to-face outreach at public meetings and events.
  • Easily adapt to the changing needs and circumstances of communications work.

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