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Colorado Food Assistance for Indivdiuals and Families –

We had over 70 people on the call on Tuesday! Great Participation!

Greg Schulte, Senior Advisor, gave a presentation on how to use his excel spreadsheet to work through financial scenarios after a a dramatic and unexpected sales drop. Greg’s Spreadsheet: Revenue-Projection-Worksheet.

If you don’t self collect your information, you will not know your decrease in revenue that you are looking at because you will have to wait until the Department of Revenue.”

Cities and Counties are just beginning the process of looking at their budgets and financial planning in the face of this pandemic. CCCMA is dedicated to help their members get through this and would like to know the best way to serve you. Please email for suggestions on how we can help facilitate grappling with this issue.

We had about 40 participants for each call this week!


  • City of Glenwood Springs is working with governor’s office for expedited approval of childcare licensing requirement and extended care for EM service personal.
  • YMCAs are preparing to offer emergency child care services for first responders and hourly workers.
  • City of Aurora is grappling with the question; Why would we want to bring groups of kids back together when the schools are closed.



  • Do you really need to be holding that meeting?
  • Check out a list of all the platforms discussed HERE.



  • Businesses in all counties will be eligible for relief funds
  • If your county declares a state of emergency, please contact your DOLA representative.

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