Membership Lean In

Tell us where time and effort should be focused.  Let us know which area should be the highest priority.

Membership engagement can make more meaningful progress on these strategic priorities that support will the profession.

Review the four primary areas, vote for a top priority. Volunteer to help for any and all, lean In!

Mentoring & Coaching

Let’s create a formal mentoring program and opportunities for career connections.

Click Here for mentoring to be the #1 priority.

Diversity & Inclusion

Identify actions that could support diversity and inclusion.

Click Here for diversity and inclusion to be the #1 priority.

Researching Membership Services

What are the skills and competencies needed at every career level? What are those levels!?

Click Here for this research and application to be the #1 priority.

Case Studies & Best Practices

How do members share success stories and lessons learned with each other? What if there was a “library” of best practices?

Click Here for case studies/best practices to be the #1 priority.

Did we miss something? Have an idea? Or a project you’d like to see? Bring it! Email