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Town Administrator Job Description

Job Summary
Paonia is a statutory Town and provides a full range of public services, including a Police
Department and Public Works including water, wastewater, trash, streets, airport, and facilities
and parks. The town employs approximately twenty employees, most full time.
Under a Mayor-Board of Trustees form of government, the Town Administrator manages and
oversees Town operations and services at the direction of the Board of Trustees and ensures
consistent adherence with Town of Paonia Municipal Code and Town policies. This position
is at will and serves at the pleasure of the Mayor and Board of Trustees.
Challenges To be Addressed by the Town of Paonia
• Moratorium on the sale of water taps/additional demands for water enacted in 2020 by local
voters after a serious failure of the Town’s water treatment system in 2019.
• Engineering firms hired by the Town have assessed the Town’s drinking water treatment
and distribution system, sewer treatment and distribution system, as well as the condition of
roads, town buildings, sidewalks and curb and gutter infrastructure.
• Resulting Capital Improvement Plans are being prioritized including funding needs that will
be required over the next several decades.
• In the near-term, the Town is assessing how best to utilize the potential grant funding from
the Infrastructure, Investments and Jobs Act and grant matching funds provided by the
Colorado legislature to address our identified priorities for the water treatment system in
order to be able to lift the moratorium.
Salary Range for Town Administrator:
$85,000 – $120,000 commensurate with experience
Benefits include:
• Generous paid time off
• Nine paid holidays
• Health Insurance – 100% of employee and family premium paid
• $10,000 Life Insurance
• Short-Term Disability
• Retirement: 401B Plan, Town contributes 5% of base salary

How to Apply
Please submit application material consisting of a cover letter and resume toBy mail: Paige Smith, Town of Paonia, PO Box 460, 214 Grand Avenue, Paonia, CO 81428 or email:
First Review: February First Review: February 23, 2023
Questions? Call Trustee Paige Smith at 307-631-4544

The Town Administrator shall have specific duties as follows:
• Be responsible for the enforcement of laws and ordinances for the Town.
• Make appointments on the basis of executive and administrative ability, training, and
experience related to the work which they are to perform.
• Recruit, hire, evaluate, suspend, transfer, and remove the Building Inspector, Clerk, Finance
Officer/Treasurer (in coordination with the Board of Trustees) and Public Works Director for
• Make appointments on the basis of executive and administrative ability, training, and
experience related to the work which they are to perform.
• Cause a proposed budget to be prepared annually and submit it to the Board and be responsible
for the administration of the budget after its adoption.
• Prepare and submit to the Board at the end of the fiscal year a complete report on finances and
administrative activities of the Town for the preceding year, and make written and verbal
reports at least monthly, and at any time requested by the Board concerning the affairs of the
• Keep the Board advised of the financial condition and future needs of the Town and make such
recommendations to the Board for adoption as he/she may deem necessary or expedient,
provide quality financial reports to the Board.
• Exercise supervision and control over all applicable executive and administrative departments,
and recommend to the Board any proposal he/she thinks advisable to establish, consolidate, or
abolish administrative departments.
• Be responsible for the enforcement of all terms and conditions imposed in favor of the Town in
any contract or public utility franchise, and upon knowledge of any violation thereof, report the
same to the Board for such action and proceedings as may be necessary to enforce the same.
• Attends all meetings of the Board and participates in discussions in an advisory capacity. May
also be requested to attend various Board Committee meetings, including Finance, Personnel,
Water/Sewer/Trash, Streets, Parks, and Public Safety.
• Coordinates with the Mayor and Town Clerk to develop agendas for Board, Planning
Commission, Tree Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment/Building Code Board of Appeals
• Prepare and review operational, administrative, and other special reports.
• Establish a system of accounting and auditing for the Town which shall reflect, in accordance
with generally accepted accounting principles.
• Recommend to the Board appropriate personnel rules and regulations and implement them.• Recommend to the Board for adoption such measures, resolutions, acts and policies as the
Town Administrator may deem necessary or desirable for the efficient and proper operation of
the Town and the performance of its functions.
• Provide professional advice to the Board and track Board direction and inquiries.
• Formulate and recommend policies and procedures for the Town and communicate official
plans, policies, and procedures to staff and the public.
• Receive general policy direction from the Board and follow up with appropriate staff or outside
organizations to take necessary action. Serve as leader of the “executive leadership team,”
implementing Town goals, values, culture, long and short-range planning, policies, procedures,
and practices consistent with the goals of consistent improvement.
• Manage the preparation of plans and specifications, estimating cost, advertising for bids,
supervision, and approval of any public work or special improvement.
• Establish and maintain proper relationships with other levels of government and public service
agencies and conduct all business negotiations between them and the Town.
• Provide effective and efficient customer service.
• Create and retain effective working relationships throughout the organization and in the
• Respond to Board and citizen requests for information and assistance.
• Respond to citizen inquiries and concerns on behalf of the Town including investigation,
research and problem solving.
• Maintain critical sensitive and confidential communication.
• Utilize diplomacy, communication, and conflict management skills.
• Negotiate and execute agreements in the interest of the Town.
• Surveys grant and loan funding opportunities, prepares competitive grant and loan applications,
submits grant and loan applications, controls grant and loan financing, implements grants and
loans, and ensures that proper management and reporting for awarded grants and loans.
• Works closely with the Town Clerk to ensure that all public recordkeeping is conducted in a
manner as required for local governments and supports and reflects Town adopted policies and
• Ensures that the Board of Trustees receives a budget to actuals accounting each month and any
other financial documents necessary to keep the Board fully informed of the financial condition
of the Town.
• Properly stewards the management of Town funds; works with the Finance Director/Treasurer
in the development and administration of the annual Town budget, submits budget
recommendations to the Mayor/Board of Trustees and monitors expenditures to ensure
adherence with the adopted fiscal budget and the Town purchasing policy.
• Participates with the Finance Officer/Treasurer to provide the independent Auditor with
information and ensures timely submission to the State of Colorado of the budget as approved
by the Board.
• Responsible for hiring and supervision of the Building Inspector, Clerk, Finance
Officer/Treasurer (in coordination with the Board of Trustees) and Public Works Director.• Must be familiar with the Town Municipal Zoning Code/designations and ensure consistent
application regarding proposed changes, annexation/de-annexation and requested variances and
the Administrator’s role in these processes as required by Town Municipal Code;
• Ensure that Colorado state law regarding Open Meetings and Open Records is followed and
advises Board as to the best practices for compliance.
• Oversees all professional and consulting service agreements entered into by the Town,
including engineering, architectural, financial, planning & zoning, human resources, etc.
• Oversees all town purchases to ensure spending, reporting and approval from the Board is
conducted in accordance with the Town’s Purchasing Policy and falls within allocated budget
categories and level of spending.
• Tracks state and federal legislation that impacts the Town; consults with department heads and
Town Attorney regarding legislative issues and recommends implementing policies to the
Board for consideration and adoption.
• Consults with the Town Attorney regarding legal issues involving the Town and reports
outcomes to the Board of Trustees.
• Ensures that the Town’s website is up-to-date and provides information in a way that is
consistent, written in a public friendly format and that the website is easy to navigate.
• Perform such other duties as may be prescribed by ordinance or required by the Board which
are not inconsistent with state statute.

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university. Preference is for a degree
earned in Public Administration, Public Policy, Business Management, or a related. However, a
bachelor’s degree in another major will be considered preferably accompanied with at least five
years of experience in positions that require skills and abilities directed related to those required
for a Town Administrator.
Four (4) years of experience in a municipality, county, or other local government and a
minimum of two (2) years of supervisory experience.
Or, an equivalent combination of education and experience to fulfill the essential functions,
duties, and responsibilities and provide the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities may be
Necessary Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Knowledge of:
• Local governmental functions and principles and practices of public administration
including operations, analysis, and budgeting.
• State of Colorado Municipal law (CRS Titles 29 and 31) and Paonia Town Code,
resolutions, policies, and fee schedules.• Principles, practices and application of strategic planning, performance measurement and
public relations.
• Fiscal laws and best practices including GASB, municipal public finance administration
and practices, and those specific to Colorado such as Tabor and the Gallagher Amendment.
• Risk management and insurance issues.
• Employment laws such as FLSA, ADA, HIPPA, COBRA, Worker’s Compensation,
Unemployment and the Family Medical Leave Act.
Skilled in:
• Public outreach: including a keen awareness of the need to maintain public engagement
through a variety of diverse approaches and tools, including website content, social media,
and other methods which will best engage with Paonia culture.
• Preparing and presenting written and oral reports.
• Communicating effectively with a wide variety of people, including the Board of Trustees,
department heads, employees, and representatives of other governmental agencies.
• Successful grant writing with a solid working knowledge of the grant writing process and a
track record of successfully securing and managing grant funding.
Ability to:
• Hire, organize, assign, and review work of staff; and able to effectively motivate, develop
and discipline staff.
• Plan and coordinate a variety of problem-solving and fact-finding projects.
• Manage multiple projects concurrently and prioritize and delegate work effectively
• Work well under pressure.
• Explain and interpret Town policies, procedures, and functions.
• Establish realistic goals and priorities and attain them.
• Negotiate to find solutions to complex and multi-layered problems and issues.
• Maintain effective working relationships with the public, media, Board of Trustees,
employees, and citizens, especially in cases of political significance or high sensitivity.
• Learn and retain technical and complex information, terminology, policies, and procedures.
• Prepare and present ideas and findings clearly and concisely in written, oral, and graphic
form using proper sentence construction, punctuation, and grammar.
• Be able to understand and implement complex oral and written instructions.
• Research and prepare complex reports.
• Work well independently and with others to establish and attain objectives.
• Organize workflow and manage time effectively.
• Ensure accountability within the organization and demonstrate integrity, ingenuity, and
inventiveness in the performance of assigned tasks.
• Create and maintain good working relationships with contractors, grantors, state and other
local government agencies and personnel.

The Town of Paonia is an Equal Opportunity Employer. In compliance with the Americans with
Disabilities Act, the Town will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with
disabilities and encourages both prospective and current employees to discuss potential
accommodations with the employer.

To apply for this job please visit