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Town of Lyons

city planner

Job Title: Planner I
Salary: $28.80 – $37.80 per hour
Job Type: Full time, non-exempt
Location: Town Hall, 432 5th Ave., Lyons, CO
This position combines responsibilities from both the Planner I and Code Compliance roles, serving as a
crucial link between community development, historic preservation, and code enforcement in the Town
of Lyons.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Planning and Community Development:
• Implement town planning and development goals, including plan reviews and compliance
• Draft and implement current and long-range plans, studies, and reports.
• Coordinate community outreach and review of development projects.
• Collect and analyze data for reports and presentations to town officials and the public.
• Assist in evaluating rezoning, ordinance amendments, site plans, special use permits, variances,
and other proposals.
• Prepare and present detailed reports on development proposals, incorporating feedback from
stakeholders and commissions.
• Utilize GIS resources for mapping and data analysis to support planning initiatives.
• Collaborate with the Planning and Community Development Commission, other Lyons volunteer
commissions, and other stakeholders on planning projects.
• Stay informed about relevant state and federal regulations, grant opportunities, and best
practices in planning and development.
• Support historic preservation efforts and maintain Certified Local Government status.
Code Compliance:
• Investigate code violations and work for compliance with municipal codes, including land use,
zoning, sign codes, parking codes, nuisance abatements, golf car registration and rental licensing.
• Conduct site inspections to ensure compliance with approved landscape plans, photometric plans,
plot plans, and site plans.
• Respond to complaints, conduct inspections, collect evidence, and issue citations as necessary.
• Educate the public on municipal codes and community standards, working to resolve issues
professionally and efficiently.
• Maintain accurate records, prepare reports, and provide evidence for court cases.
Education & Experience:
• Bachelor’s degree in urban planning, architecture, public policy, or related field preferred. A
combination of equivalent education and related experience will be considered.
• Two years of relevant experience, including planning and municipal code compliance. Prior
experience with detailed documentation is preferred.
• Certification from the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) or relevant professional
associations is desirable but not required.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
• Municipal Codes and Regulations: Deep understanding of applicable laws, town ordinances, state
statutes, and zoning regulations. Skilled in interpreting and explaining municipal codes,
ordinances, and regulations to diverse stakeholders.
• Planning and Development: Knowledge of urban planning principles, community development
strategies, and historic preservation practices. Familiarity with rezoning, ordinance amendments,
site plans, special use permits, and variances.
• GIS and Data Analysis: Proficiency in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for mapping, data
collection, and analysis. Ability to create graphic designs, render site plans, and utilize spatial data
for planning initiatives.
• Communication and Collaboration: Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Ability to
communicate effectively with diverse groups, including residents, officials, stakeholders, and
commissions. Skilled in public speaking, conflict resolution, and facilitating community outreach
• Problem-Solving and Decision-Making: Strong analytical and critical thinking skills. Ability to solve
practical problems, interpret regulations, and make fair and consistent decisions. Capable of
handling complex situations and exercising good judgment independently.
• Technical Proficiency: Proficient in word processing, spreadsheet applications, GIS software,
social media platforms, and database management. Skilled in preparing detailed reports,
organizing data, and presenting information effectively.
• Collaboration and Teamwork: Ability to work independently and collaboratively within a team
environment. Experience working with various departments, commissions, and external agencies
to achieve planning and code enforcement goals.
• Flexibility and Adaptability: Willingness to work flexible hours, including evenings, weekends, and
holidays as required. Ability to adapt to changing priorities, handle multiple projects
simultaneously, and meet deadlines effectively.
• Continuous Learning: Commitment to staying informed about industry trends, best practices, and
regulatory changes related to planning, code enforcement, and community development.
Willingness to pursue certifications and professional development opportunities as needed.
• Bachelor’s degree in urban planning, architecture, public policy, or related field preferred.
• Two years of relevant experience, including municipal code compliance, planning, or a
combination of both.
• Certification from the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) or relevant professional
associations desirable.
• Knowledge of applicable laws, municipal codes, zoning regulations, and planning principles.
• Knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for mapping, data analysis, and site plan
• Strong communication, organizational, and problem-solving skills.
• Ability to work independently and collaboratively within a team environment.
• Valid Colorado driver’s license and willingness to work flexible hours as needed.
• Commitment to continuous learning and staying informed about industry trends and best
Special Requirements:
• Must pass pre-employment drug testing and background checks.
• The Town of Lyons is a Drug Free Work Environment. This position may be subject to drug and
alcohol testing.
This combined role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, from ensuring compliance with
regulations to fostering community development and preserving the town’s unique character.
Upon a contingent offer of employment, driving and background checks will be completed, along with
the required pre-employment drug testing.

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