2024 Annual Conference Escape Rooms


Join your colleagues at the Glenwood Escape Room!  Make new friends, exchange ideas, and just enjoy the evening!

As noted on the Glenwood Escape Room Website:

During the live escape game, team members will have to use their mental abilities, observational, and communication skills collectively as they attempt to withstand the intensity and pressure while time ticks away! This is how escape rooms can benefit a team:

-The conditions of the live escape game encourage team members to interact with one another and express themselves in a way in which they are less likely to in their normal environments

-Team members will get to know one another a lot better as they work together to escape the room.

-This kind of team building activity allows team members to think creatively while facing the challenges involved.

-This fun team building game brings team members closer together.

Wednesday April 17th Escape Room
(limited to 19 participants)


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Thursday April 18th Escape Room
(limited to 19 participants)


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