2022 Art of Management

8:30-8:45am     Welcome & Introductions

This workshop is designed for you! Senior Managers with diverse backgrounds will share practical skills and advice for becoming a manager and successfully navigating your new position as a city or county manager.

Welcome: Jenn Ooton, CCCMA President Elect, City of Glenwood Springs

Presenters: Russ Forrest, City of Gunnison and Tim Gagen, CCCMA Senior Advisor

8:45-10:00am    Understanding Ourselves & Valuing our Differences

This topic will address understanding your own personality and communication style, as well as creating and managing diverse teams,

Presenter:  Demetrius Parker, City and County of Broomfield 

10:00-10:15am  Break

 10:15-11:30am  Preparing For and Surviving Your First Six Months as a Manager

 This topic includes round table discussions on the following: How do you prepare for your first manager job; Are you ready to apply?;  How do you apply?;  Interview process; Negotiating your first contract; and Planning your first six months as a Manager

Panelists: Debra Figueroa, City of Glenwood Springs; Russ Forrest, City of Gunnison; Michael Penny, City of Castle Pines; Greg Schulte, CCCMA Senior Advisor; Gary Suiter, City of Steamboat Springs

11:30-1:00 pm   Lunch and Toughest Management Challenges

This topic includes round table discussions on the following: Council/Manager relationships, Ethics, and Hiring & Firing

Panelists: Greg Caton, City of Grand Junction; Tim Gagen, CCCMA Senior Advisor; Russ Forrest, City of Gunnison; Lee Merkel, CCCMA Senior Advisor; Charles Ozaki; CCCMA Senior Advisor; Bill Ray, CCCMA Senior Advisor; Greg Schulte, CCCMA Senior Advisor; Joanne Spina, CCCMA Senior Advisor

1:00-2:00pm   Building Culture & Leading Change

Culture exists whether you create it or not.  This panel discussion will address various aspects of building culture change in your organization. 

Panel Facilitator: Demetrius Parker, City and County of Broomfield

Panelists: Jay Harrington, Routt County; Jennifer Hoffman, City and County of Broomfield; Raymond Lee, City of Greeley

 2:00-2:30pm   Closing Session: What are We Happy About/What Motivates Us?

 Group Facilitator: Scott Trainor, City of Fountain

2:30pm            Adjourn

 2:30-3:30pm   Social & Connection Event






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