Colorado City & County Management Association

CCCMA is a statewide association of local government managers and assistants. The organization, in addition to offering the usual career development focus to its members, is also a great support network both professionally and personally. The organization tends to the professional needs of its members that come from the unique challenges of the profession, including a transition program that supports members undergoing job separation. 

Training and Networking Opportunities

ICMA Regional Conference, April 11-13, Arvada

2018 Student Slideshow


Walking on Thin Air a good read for MITs  click here

Colorado Municipal League

Colorado Counties, Inc.

Public Officials Liability Handbook
more Elected Official's Resources


   University of Colorado - School of Public Affairs 

   University of Colorado - Center for New Directions 

      Best & Brightest Program 
          Bob Clifton Memorial Scholarship.  Continue the work he started, support students in the New Directions program as they study and intern in public administration.  Click here for more info, or use this link to make a donation (be sure to indicate in memory of Bob Clifton) 

      Theory Informing Practice, 6th Edition lclick herel 5th Edition lclick herel  4th Edition lclick herel

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